5 Lessons that Make Me a Strong Southern Woman

Stephanie Hamling Behind the Scenes Life Lessons

Whew, y'all! It's been six years since I started Southern Girl Soapery. Back then I thought I knew it all. I didn't! 
So, all these years later, here's what running Southern Girl Soapery has taught me...
Business Lessons for Southern Women
1. Sometimes, folks are just having a bad day.
99% of the people I come in contact with because of the business are full of southern charm, but that last 1% can sure throw some high-powered hissy fits.
I try to remember that I might be meeting them on their worst day. Because, goodness knows, it's hard to remember your raisin' when you hit the low spots in life. 

Woman with wine having a bad day

2. People can get on your nerves, but you miss them when they aren't there.

Making the switch from having coworkers to going it alone is a shock to the system. I didn't count on a startup business being so isolating.

Eventually, I learned to make it a point to schedule time with friends, to take walks, and, yes, even hit up Sonic for happy hour (probably more than I should).

And, I still love scheduling markets or shows occasionally to visit with all y'all belles who love Southern Girl Soapery.

3. You can't make other folks act right.
People are shocked to discover that I made soap and cosmetics for well over a decade before starting a business. And, when I decided to go for it, I researched the rules and regulations for months.
Not everyone does that. Folks have tried to copy my products (and even my company name) without a bit of shame. Also, I've heard them selling their own soap like it was a miracle cure-all.
And, if I let that bother me, I'd have to close up shop. I wanted to start the business the way I planned to run it for the long haul, no matter what shortcuts others were taking.Making small bath bath grits with essential oils at Southern Girl Soapery
But, I was blessed to have folks who were doing it right willing to mentor me along the way!
4. Making something that people love is the best. Them sharing the love is a close second.
Even after all these years, my heart still flutters with every order and every five-star review. Knowing that something from my hands brings someone else joy is the best part of my job.
So, thank you to everyone who has left a review on the website. I could talk until the cows come home about my products, but it's the customer reviews that make the difference.

Want to leave a review?

Find the product in my online shop, click Write a review, and get to it. Folks will enjoy reading why you love the product, who you buy it for, and how long you've shopped with Southern Girl Soapery. Thanks, darlin'!)
Tell me what you think of Southern Girl Soapery products
5. But, not everyone will get it.
My products and my brand of southern aren't for everyone. But, I'm okay with that. I'm here for the folks who send handwritten cards, love old dogs, and hold on to hope for a more loving South.
And, I'm so glad y'all joined me.
What adventures have you been on lately? What have you learned? Chat with me in the comments!

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    • Stephanie on

      Right, Gina?! I feel like I should have realized that in advance. but it is something we can work around with a bit of effort. And it’s worth it.

    • Gina on

      Working from home IS isolating. I’m glad the Maxx lets me come back everyt now and then. It’s nice to be part of a team, too. The new site looks great!!

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