Are You Celebrating Galentines Day This Year?

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I'm not going to lie, my perfect Valentine's day is Netflix, cozy socks, and plenty of chocolate. Traffic, crowds, and prix fixe menus just aren't my jam. Significant other welcome. But don't expect me to put on Spanx tonight just to wedge into a candlelight dinner for...well, half the world's population over 15, I'm guessing.

Galentines Celebration Ideas

(Yeah, I've just never been a fan. Blame it on my sixth-grade crush telling me I needed to lose weight, on Valentine's Day. I wonder what that son of a...biscuit doing these days.

"Oh, hi. I have my own business." )


But, Galantines day is another story. I have a special group of close girlfriends that lift my soul and lighten my heart. But, if I don't put forth the effort to see them, well, it just won't happen.

And who needs one more thing to feel guilty about in this world?

We need to celebrate female friendship, y'all. 

I don't need to tell you it gets rough out there.

(Extra love for our belles who have had to not only deal with sexual assault in their past but also had to deal with the photos and headlines that brought those memories to the forefront this past week.)

Cultivating and celebrating your ride-or-dies is important, but I'm the first to admit I let the clutter get in the way. And I shouldn't. Nor should you.

Here's why you need to make time for your girlfriends:

  • Good friends literally keep you alive. (Shout out for a visit to WebMD that didn't convince me this hangnail is fatal.)
  • Girlfriends support, defend, entertain, lend a shoulder, and pitch in when you need help. And they do it in their own unique way.
  • You could drink that entire bottle of wine alone, but you probably shouldn't (again).
  • You get to celebrate their wins, and celebrate yours with them. (I like to imagine Rebecca Darwin's girlfriends toasting her on a front porch in South Carolina when she launched Garden & Gun.)
  • Friends help to reduce your stress and help manage life's traumas.
  • And I don't need a study to know hardcore bursts of laughter are good for the soul.

(Seven Types of Friends Every Southern Girl Needs)

How should you celebrate Galentines Day?

It's up to you! Whatever works for your group's lives, budgets, and schedules. Don't make this some big, daunting thing that you have to clean house or make crafts for.

(Because I see y'all working on your *kids'* Valentine card boxes for school, ladies. E'rybody knows little Suzy didn't decoupage that empty oatmeal canister on her own.)

But here are some ideas for Galentine's Day:

  • Brunch
    Want to go full-on Leslie Knope in honor of the day? Get the waffles.

    via GIPHY

  • Weekend Away
    Sites like VRBO make planning easier than ever. And don't feel like you have to go in February. But don't put it off either.
  • Cooking Club, Book Club, or Stitch 'n' Bitch
    How better to celebrate the day than eliminating one of the biggest hurdles preventing get-togethers, the scheduling! Make Galentines Day the start of a monthly (or quarterly, if you must) get together.
  • Group Text
    I know, it kind of sounds like a cop-out, right? But if your calendar is a hot mess this month, and that's all you can do to it! 

I want to show you a little extra love this Galentines Day!

Every order placed now until and including February 14, 2020 will have a bonus lip balm tucked inside. (No coupon code or action needed on your part. I got this.) You belles inspire me, support me, and encourage me. And I want to say thank you.

Southern Belles Drinking Tea on Galentines Day

(PS- Tag me (@southerngirlsoapery) in your Instagram photos of your #GalentinesDay get-togethers. I want to see your smiling faces!)

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