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Many people are turning to handmade for their holiday gifts. And, as a small business owner, I couldn't be happier. But, shopping small is new to quite a few folks. So, I'm here to dish about all of my small-batch favorites for the southern belles on your gift list.

Here we go...

Gifts for the Southern Belle on Your Christmas List

Gifts for Your Hostess

Whether you are attending a Christmas cocktail hour or a holiday cookie exchange, it's good manners not to show up empty handed. Here are my perfect picks for a little something special your hostess.

Southern Belle Gift Guide Tea Towels

  1. Azul Home (aka Bell Urban Farm) Tea Towels

    Be prepared for all of the swooning when you present these sweet and practical pieces of art from Azul Home. Original illustrations printed on classic flour sack dish towels will bring an extra bit of happy to any hostess's kitchen.

  2. Southern Girl Soapery Heels & Pearls Bath Grits

    Her manners are too good show it, but the belle throwing the party will be excited for her soiree to end. Because, when it does, she will be able to indulge in a relaxing soak with these rosewood-scented bath salts from Southern Girl Soapery.
  3. Liz & Linda's Pepper Jelly

    This jelly is a revelation. Sure, you can use it to glaze chicken or just smear it on toast. But, pouring Liz & Linda's Pepper Jelly over a block of softened cream cheese and serving it alongside a sleeve of Ritz crackers is the right way to go. You will be a hero for introducing this little jar of goodness. Every southern girl should have a stash of pepper jelly and fixins on hand for when unexpected, hungry company drops by. The Original and Golden Pecan are my favorites.

What to Give Your Kid's Teacher

Does anyone deserve a little treat more than an awesome teacher? I don't think so! Check out these ideas to make their holiday.

  1. A Thank You Note

    Seriously. Sometimes we forget to just say thank you for the work teachers do to shape young minds. Write one from you. Or, encourage your child to write one. Even better, do both! Need some help on the how to? I wrote all about thank you note etiquette in another blog post.
  2. A Gift Card

    Teachers spend a lot of money out of pocket for student supplies. If you are able to pitch in a bit, it is sure to be appreciated. You can snag a gift card for the local office supply store or just load some cash onto a gift card that spends like standard plastic anywhere she shops.
  3. Southern Girl Soapery Lemon Drop Sea Salt Spa Bar

    When I started making sea salt soap years ago, I passed out samples to friends. That people told me they smelled and felt amazing wasn't a surprise. But, I had a friend who did special effect makeup tell me she kept the soap in her kit to remove fake blood! And, my mail lady loved that the soap took stubborn ink off her hands.

    So, with everything your kid's teacher gets into, she should definitely have something special to get that mess off! Snag her a Lemon Drop Spa Soap.

Shopping for Your Mom

There comes a point in life where you don't need more things taking up room around the house. If that sounds like your mother's mindset, consider buying her something that she can enjoy and use up or send out into the world to bless others.

  1. Honeybees from Heifer International

    Stay with me, because this is probably not what you are thinking! Heifer International is working to end hunger and poverty throughout the world. Part of their mission is providing animals to impoverished people. Those animals, in turn, provide income and food. When the animals reproduce, the gift is passed on.

    If your mom doesn't need another knickknack, make a donation in her name to help change the world
  2. A CSA Subscription

    If your mom is the type who laments the lack of flavor in grocery store tomatoes but doesn't have the time, space, or ability to garden at home, consider signing her up for regular deliveries of garden goodies. Even better, make it a point to come over and cook with her when it is box or basket time.

    You can find community-supported agriculture subscriptions for most areas on Local Harvest.
  3. Luxury Bar Soaps from Southern Girl Soapery

    Make momma's daily routine a little less routine with a collection of special soaps. If she tends to snag whatever is on special at the grocery store, these essential oil-scented bars with creamy lather will be a real treat. And, they may even remind her of her mother or grandmother making soap by hand back in the day.Southern Belle Gift Guide Handmade Soaps

Something Special for Your Sister

Ditch the go-to gift card this year and really put some thought into purchasing a gift for your southern belle sibling.

Southern Belle Gift Guide Pearl Bracelet

  1. Bella Vita Custom Jewelry

    It's no secret that women love jewelry. And something made with them in mind is even better. At Bella Vita Jewelry, you can select the perfect charm, metal, and even hand-stamped sentiment. Get your order in soon so that you can get major brownie points when your sis unboxes her one of a kind treat.
  2. Southern Girl Soapery Belle Body Scrub

    It's payback time for a lifetime of teasing, so show some sibling love with this indulgent lavender and tea tree scented sugar scrub. Once she opens this, she will forget at least half of those mean tricks you pulled back in the day (or, ahem, last week).
  3. Kyya Chocolate 

    The folks at Kyya are passionate about chocolate. (Sounds good already, right?) This bean to bar chocolate company dedicates heart and soul to its partners around the world, investing in the people and the process to produce some truly excellent chocolate.

    Just Forward This List, Ladies (aka What to Get Your Wife)

    (Seriously, right click and copy this link to send. He won't even have to read the rest of the article: Holiday Wish List.)

    Guys, I know it's tough, but you know she's worth the trouble. The great thing about small businesses is that they value customer interaction and will be thrilled to help you select the perfect gift. Don't fear the contact form!

    Southern Belle Gift Guide

    1. Smackover Lip Balms by Southern Girl Soapery

      There are times being subtle pays off and times it doesn't. Snag these non-sticky glosses with just a hint of color just for her. One kiss won't be enough.
    2. Sweet Home Candles

      Whatever you get up to, everything looks better by candlelight. With their sleek looks and delectable scents, you are sure to find something she will love from Sweet Home
    3. Dower Handbag

      Hand cut, hand stitched, and hand finished, Dower handbags are showstoppers with a price tag to match. But in a world of disposable fashion how often do you see a purse with guaranteed construction and repairs for life? 

    Those are all my favorites! Any small batch goodies you love to give for the holidays? Let me know in the comments.

    (If you decide to buy from any of the folks linked here, be sure to read their terms directly from their sites. Info included here is no guarantee that products will be in stock or to your liking. These are just some businesses that I'm personally a fan of. I nor SGS get any payment for advertising or if you order.)  

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