10 Important Life Lessons from My Smart Southern Momma

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My mom and dad both celebrate their birthdays this week. With a scant 48 hour lead in joining the world, mom has earned a good bit of teasing over the years. For those two days she's married to a younger man.

What I learned from my mom

Life Lessons Learned from My Southern Mother

The more years that pass, the more I learn from my mother about life, and love, and good cooking. Here's the top ten...

  1. Always make your cornbread (and most everything else) in an iron skillet.
  2. There's a time to be lady-like and a time to raise hell. 
  3. When frying chicken, use "more salt than you think you need."
  4. Go to the funeral. It's hard. Do it anyway.
  5. Stock your pantry well when you can. It makes life easier when you can't.
  6. When you are weeding the garden, you gotta dig up the roots.
  7. Always return mason jars. To not do so runs the risk being blacklisted from future gifts of chowchow and muscadine jelly
  8. If you are going to go through the trouble of making cinnamon rolls, you might as well make enough to share with the neighbors.
  9. If you don't send a thank you note for the wedding gift, don't expect anything for your baby shower.
  10. It's better to want something you don't have than have something you don't want. 

And I can't leave out Dad...

I could make a list a mile long of things I learned from Dad. But, when I try, they can all be summed up in one sentiment. 

Love is a verb. 

What I learned from my parents

So, a big, "Happy Birthday!" to the parents that made this Southern Girl who she is today!

What wisdom has your mom shared with you? Let me know in the comments so I can include it in my Mother's Day blog post!

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