Do you offer free shipping?

Heck yes, I do!

I offer free shipping on retail orders of $39 or more. All other orders ship for a flat rate of $6.

When will I get my order?
Most orders ship within 3 business days of receiving payment and are delivered within 3 business days after shipping. Delays may occur during times of high order volume or severe weather.

What carrier do you use?
I send your package via United States Postal Service Priority Mail.

Can I swing by your shop to pick up my order?
Sorry, my insurance carrier and GMP (good manufacturing practices) requirements don't allow customers to visit the workshop.

I typed in my address wrong when I ordered. What now?
I process orders as soon as I am able as they come in. Contact me ASAP, and I will try to make a correction, but that may not be possible.

Hopefully, your package will be returned to the shop, and I can reship (at your expense) but please double check your address or you may not get your goodies.

Do you ship internationally?
Sorry, y’all. Southern doesn’t always translate well, so we ship U.S. only.

Do you offer overnight or expedited shipping?
Nope, we do not offer expedited shipping. The workshop is way out yonder on a rural route road, and I can’t run into town every day to ship.

Can I combine two orders for shipping?
I start filling your order soon after it hits the system, so probably not. If you contact me within an hour of placing the first order, I might be able to accommodate you.

Where will my order ship from?
Orders ship from our workshop in central Arkansas, zip code 72063.

I haven’t received my order
Check my shipping FAQ to see how quickly you should receive your order. Occasionally high volume or natural disasters can cause delays.

When your order ships, I let you know via email and send you a link to track your package. So, click on that to find out exactly where your goodies are.

If you are still concerned for any reason, contact me so I can troubleshoot.

Returns & Refunds
Do you accept returns?
Sorry, but if you get what you ordered, I can’t accept returns. I take pride in the safety and quality of my products and cannot resell any products that have been out of my control. But, if you have any questions before you place an order, just contact me.

My order was incorrect or incomplete.
Oh, honey, I’m sorry! This is rare, but if your order arrives incomplete or incorrect, please contact me within three days of delivery so that I can quickly make it right.

My order arrived damaged.
I pack our orders carefully and securely, but sometimes damage happens. I insure each package. Contact me within three days of delivery with details. (Hang on to the package, because I will need photos.) I will work to make things right just as soon as possible.

About Southern Girl Soapery
Do you have a storefront?
Nah, but I love to work with people who do! If there’s a shop or boutique near you that would be a perfect fit for Southern Girl Soapery products, contact me with their name and details.

If you'd like to shop in person, visit one of my retailers.

Where are you located?
My workshop is located in rural Hattieville, Arkansas. (Okay, technically, it’s in Wonderview, but Wonderview is too small to have our own post office!)

The shop is in a century-old home that has housed four generations of my family. Deep roots! (Sorry, insurance and good manufacturing processes don’t allow visitors.)

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been in business since 2012 but making soap and cosmetics since 1998.

Why Southern Girl Soapery?
Because when I decided to open a business, I knew my knee-deep accent would throw people for a loop on business calls if they didn’t have fair warning!

Seriously though, I love the South, even as we work to fix her flaws and learn from her history. I wanted to give modern belles permission to embrace the beauty of our land, traditions, and nostalgia while working towards social justice and equality.

What makes your products stand out?
My bath, body, and skin care essentials are inspired by the stories and scents of the South, embracing nostalgia while utilizing contemporary wisdom. My products encourage southern girls to indulge in a little TLC so that they have the strength and spirit each day to go out and make the world a better place.

The South
What’s with the pearls?
They’re beautiful, timeless, and easily styled to look beautiful on every woman in a unique way. Whether they are first water or faux; newly purchased or heirloom; worn by the young, old, or in between; against any skin tone; with couture or ripped denim - pearls always work. I think there’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

How do you stand the humidity?
Lots of iced tea, breezy porches, and commiserating. Air conditioning and blotting papers help.

Do you really not wash your cast iron skillet?
Well, we do...but we do it like our grandmothers taught us. “That’s how Grandma did it!” is argument ending logic ‘round here.